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Important information: Due to high demand it may take us several working days to reply to your enquiry.

Please rest assured that all enquiries will be responded to and all cancellation requests (and refunds where applicable) will be honoured.

For more information, please see the FAQs below.

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The following FAQs have been answered directly by our CEO and Founder, David Marsh

Why is your call centre closed?

We rely on 3rd parties to process our call volume at the best of times. Currently the majority of these team members have been furloughed, along with a large part of our own core team. We simply do not have the capacity in the current climate to answer the volume of calls we're receiving.

How long must I wait to get a reply to my enquiry?

It could be several days. We have a skeleton crew working hard to stay on top of the enquiries we are recieving. We are committed to replying and actioning every one as quickly as we physically can.

I have cancelled my booking, when will I be refunded?

Under normal circumstances refunds are processed the same day. However, we simply don't have the cash reserves to honour an immediate refund for every single live booking in our system.

When new bookings are made, we dutifully pass the on funds within 2 to 3 weeks to the relevant supplier or partner. This has been my standard operating procedure since I started the business 10 years ago and I never thought for a second that I would face a situation where all bookings would be cancelled at once.

We must now wait for this money to be returned to us before we can return it to you and I ask for your patience and understanding whilst we do this. I would like to reiterate my commitment to honouring every last refund that is pending.

How long will it take for me to be refunded?

I simply cannot give any hard guarantees at the time of writing this, however it is my intention that this will not be more than three weeks from when you requested the cancellation. If you have already waited longer than this, please use the form above to contact us.

I'd like to make a new booking, when can I do this?

We would be delighted to take a new booking for you. Please enter your details via the form above and one of our customer service agents will contact you as soon as they possibly can.